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We receive your packages

From receiving your eBay wins, Amazon order or custom tire order to your Aunt Bethel’s preserves we’ll receive it all.

We will ship your packages

Ship Happens is one of Washington’s largest UPS shippers so you’ll find our shipping rates unbeatable


Ship Happens has warehouse space and forklift services to accommodate all your freight requirements.

Something else? Cars, Motorcycle etc

We will work hard for you and your shipping or receiving needs and will accomodate you in every way we can.  Call us for a free estimate on your specific needs.

News and Updates

Another flood update: Clean up continues – now open regular business hours.

We are continuing our clean up here at the shop. We are back to regular hours and are receiving normally. We certainly would appreciate it you can pick up your packages as soon as possible as this will assist us in our clean up efforts. There is still some threatening weather in the forecast that could cause problems but we hope that the worst is past. We’ll post here again if anything changes

We thank you again for your continued patience, support and understanding.
Thank you – Ship Happens

Welcome to the new Ship Happens website!

Lots of great changes are happening and we hope that you like them. The biggest changes are that the site is now mobile friendly and https compliant for security purposes. Of course, we’d also like to think it looks nicer too! Stay tuned to this News section for more updates and information.

07/17/2019 Update: RESOLVED: Attention hotmail, msn and live email accounts

07/18/2019 Update: This has now been resolved. Email notifications to all addresses should be getting through now. If you still think you are not receiving our email notifications please email us at

Original Post: Our emails are currently being blocked to email addresses that are Microsoft based. This includes hotmail, msn and email addresses. All package notifications and registration notifications are being affected. Our team is working on a resolution and we expect to have this rectified shortly.

Hours & Holiday Schedule

Check out our Holiday Schedule below to any exceptions to our regular hours.

Regular Hours

Holiday Schedule

Freight Dock Schedule

Monday – Friday 9:00am  – 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday and Some Holidays Closed


Freight Dock refers to any packages (inbound or outbound) requiring the forklift to load or unload.  (i.e. pallets, oversized packages, etc.)

Inbound (Receiving)
Mon-Fri:  9:00am – 4:30pm
Sat, Sun & Holidays:  No freight receiving


Outbound (Pickups/Shipping)
Mon-Fri:  9:00am – 5:00pm
Sat: 9:00am – noon
Sun & Holidays:  No freight pickups

Border Cameras

We provide these border cams images together for your convenience but on a best case basis as we have no control over the updates or quality of these images.

US Border Cam

Looking North Towards Canadian Border

Canadian Border Cam

Looking South Towards US Border

Making an Impact Across British Columbia

As one of the original shipping receiving businesses in Sumas, WA, Ship Happens has served more than 60,000 customers across Western Canada and has received more than a million packages on their behalf since 2008.

Even though there was a power outage due to the crazy wind storm that blew through, the awesome folksat ShipHappens still went out of their way to get our packages to us. You guys are the best!

Gerry D.

Hands down the best shipping & receiving company in Sumas!  The staff are awesome, hard working and always helpful.  If I could give them more stars…I would!

Tommy F.

5 stars

The staff are just so amazing and go out of the way to help you!!! Have used them for years and will keep using them!! They are awesome

Charity L.

I’ve been using Ship Happens since they were a tiny shop on Cherry Street.  Fantastic service that has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. Highly recommend them for your US shipping needs!



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This will be your required, unique Shipping Identifier for all packages.

When your package arrives you will receive an email notification when your parcels are ready to be picked up.

How to use our services


How to use our services…

It’s Easy!
Once you are REGISTERED you will receive a unique customer number.
Simply use
YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER-Your Name with OUR ADDRESS (as shown on the right) as your shipping address.

**Your Customer Number MUST be included in your name and appear on your shipment.
**Do NOT put “Ship Happens” on anywhere – this will result in your parcel being lost or sent back!

It’s that simple.

When providing your shipping address to your retailers include your customer number in your first name.

We will receive your package and we will notify you via email when your package is ready to be picked up.
You come in, present your customer number and pick your package up.

Register beforehand – There is no need to call us – just go ahead and start shipping after you receive your customer number (usually within 24 hours).

Also, note that we only receive and hold your packages for up to 60 days. We do not forward packages

Address your packages from here sender in the following format:

115 First Street
Sumas, WA 98295

where XXXX is your unique Ship Happens Customer Number.

If you don’t have a customer number yet please register by clicking the button below


Rates and Details

Contact Us

115 1st Street
Sumas, WA   98295


We are located 3 blocks South of the Sumas / Huntingdon Border Crossing in Abbotsford, on the east side of Hwy 9 (Cherry St.) We are in the old Lone Jack Saloon Building.

This location serves the Greater Vancouver Area including, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, Port Moody, White Rock, Aldergrove, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Hope and more.

Ship Happens