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**Effective Immediately - We will no longer be responsible for packages that are lost or misplaced that do not have your Customer Number on the shipping address.

Sumas can now help you import your vehicles into Canada. We'll help you get your ITN (Internal Transaction Number). It can be easier than you think!

Effective Sept. 1,2015 our Oroville location has been purchased by long time employee Roxie Pelton. She will continue to run the operation from the same location and her new company is "Ship ItTo Us". please check out her new website .

### Check BOTH border cams on our LOCATIONS page HERE! ###

We are inAmerican Canadian border towns, offering you a US shipping address for United States Postal Services, UPS, FedEx, DHL and most other carriers. Our offices in Washington state serve Canadians in British Columbia (BC) and Alberta.
We also ship and receive freight!
Let us be your US mailbox!

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After you receive your customer number (usually with 24 hours) you can start shipping.

If registered, you will receive an email notification when your parcel is ready to be picked up.*

*Please note: Unclaimed packages will be discarded after 60 days. Please pickup packages promptly.

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Ship It To Us
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