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Your own United States shipping and receiving address
How to use our services...
Its Easy!
Once you are REGISTERED you will receive a unique customer number.
Simply use
with OUR ADDRESS (as shown on the right) as your shipping address.

**Your Customer Number MUST be included inyour name and appear on your shipment.
**Do NOT put "Ship Happens" on anywhere - this will result in your parcel being lost or sent back!)

Its that simple.

When providing your shipping address to your retailers include your customer number in your first name.

We will receive your packageandwe will notify you via email when your package is ready to be picked up.
You come in, present your customer number and pick your package up.

Register beforehand - There is no need to call us - just go ahead and start shipping after you receive your customer number (usually within 24 hours).

Also note that we only receive and hold your packages for up to 60 days. We do not forward packages.

Address your packages to your desired Ship Happens location as noted below:

Sumas, WA
115 First Street
Sumas, WA 98295
(XXXXrepresents your unique Customer Number)
get email notification
Click the above icon to register with us.

When you receive your customer number via email, (usually within 24 hours)you can start shipping.

You will receive instant email notification when your parcel is ready to be picked up.

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